11 Grabska St.

32-005 Niepołomice


tel. 12 294 98 00


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About us

FCA is an integrator and manufacturer of optical fibre solutions for the construction of teletransmission networks. We are one of the largest technological integrators in the field of optical fibre systems for the construction of optical tele-transmission networks in Poland.

How important is a good layout of a building?

Not everyone knows it, but our current premises used to be a tannery. And although the building has drastically changed its purpose, some interesting installation solutions have remained. When we moved into our premises in 2009 and planned the layout of the rooms, no one suspected what might happen several years later.

Every installation sometimes has its failures, minor or major. In our case, in 2021 the water installation decided to fail. It wouldn't have been a big problem, as the plumbers from Niepołomice are second to none, if not for the fact that the pipes ran directly over our server room. Yes, exactly, our server racks decided to take a swim! But our IT department is not afraid of anything! They heroically stepped into the heart of the disaster and with their expert skills saved the digital assets of FCA.

We cannot fail to mention the support of the Implementation Department, which worked tirelessly to save the equipment, which thanks to their quick intervention was saved in its entirety! This only confirms that together we are able to remedy any failure!

I have that power!

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