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FCA is an integrator and manufacturer of optical fibre solutions for the construction of teletransmission networks. We are one of the largest technological integrators in the field of optical fibre systems for the construction of optical tele-transmission networks in Poland.

1998, the beginnings of our production, still in the Krakow headquarters. As always, delivery times and efficient product assembly were key. One of the indispensable elements were Teflon applicators, used for gluing the bodies to the E2000 connector.

The stock of applicators was low, so the decision was simple - place the order. The quantity here was very important, as it was 1000 pieces. The supplier has been verified, the goods have been ordered, now we wait.

To our surprise, the quantity definitely exceeded our wildest expectations. In the order we found not 1000, but 100 000 pieces! The culprit turned out to be one small detail. Although the order was for the original quantity, it turned out that the applicators are sold in boxes of 100 pieces each! 

One thing was for sure, we didn't have to reorder for a long time!


Every detail matters. 

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