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FCA is an integrator and manufacturer of optical fibre solutions for the construction of teletransmission networks. We are one of the largest technological integrators in the field of optical fibre systems for the construction of optical tele-transmission networks in Poland.

It was supposed to be a morning like any other in 2007.

Our network systems architect - Tomasz Augustynek was to start his working day with a scheduled trip to a network installation site. It was not a close trip, because all the way to Olsztyn! Unfortunately for Tomek, fortune was definitely not rolling. In the car park in front of his block of flats, he found his car...set on bricks! This unpleasant surprise could have had a decisive influence on the success of the project. Fortunately, thanks to the support of his co-workers, the expedition went ahead, having previously visited a shop with car wheels.

What goes around, doesn't always comes back around

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