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FCA is an integrator and manufacturer of optical fibre solutions for the construction of teletransmission networks. We are one of the largest technological integrators in the field of optical fibre systems for the construction of optical tele-transmission networks in Poland.

Another story from the beginning of our business. Our first headquarters - a high-rise building in Mogliska Street - was a very attractive location on the map of Krakow. The proximity of administrative centres, especially the District Court, meant that several floors were rented by the prosecutor's office.

Our company was more "spread out" - although the office and production part was upstairs, the warehouse was at the very bottom. As a result, frequent lift trips were a staple of our operation. This often resulted in interesting, though not business meetings. There were situations when we were waiting with a client for a lift, and with us armed to the teeth policemen and a convict! The small space meant that despite handcuffs and an adequate guard, the ride up those few floors was an emotional roller-coaster.

Fortunately, apart from a faster heartbeat, we experienced no other aspects of the situation.


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