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FCA is an integrator and manufacturer of optical fibre solutions for the construction of teletransmission networks. We are one of the largest technological integrators in the field of optical fibre systems for the construction of optical tele-transmission networks in Poland.

The year 2017 and the world's largest telecommunications fair in China - CIOE (China International Optoelectronic Exposition). We had the amazing opportunity to attend this event. However, all good things come to an end one day and it was time to leave. 

Unfortunately, the date of the fair coincided with the then protests in Hong Kong. It was from there that our representatives were supposed to travel home. 

Unfortunately, as is often the case in a hurry, while taking a taxi they encountered gigantic traffic jams. The driver suggested an alternative, seemingly faster route to the airport. Let's go! 

However, it turned out that not all roads lead to the airport, and the exit from the motorway turned out to be the wrong one... and it was only an hour before the flight! 

Fortunately, despite the obstacles, they managed to arrive on time, even though they were the last passengers to be called for the flight. 



All roads lead to....  the airport?

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